The Album cover video trend has been blowing up on Tik Tok with everyone coming up with their own unique spin on it! 

I love a good trend and it is always fun to see everyones versions. I decided to make one and share it on my instagram reels as well as Tik Tok. A lot of you enjoyed watching it and wanted to know how you can make your own.

It is really simple and I am going to show you exactly how! 

What you will need:

How to put it together:

    1. First thing you will need to do is scrub through your video and find the moment you want to screenshot. I would suggest about 2-3 seconds into your video as you don't want the clip to be long! 
    2. Then you pop the screenshot into your editing software. I used Picsart as it is really easy to do everything on my mobile phone!
    3. In Picsart ( or photoshop ) you will want to crop your image into a square. Then pop a crazy filter on it. Grunge, film or black and white look really cool! 
    4. Then you will want to add your png sticker by adding a photo on top of your "album"
    5. Move the sticker into the corner and scale as necessary.
    6. Save the album cover.
    7. Then you need to do this to each one of your videos that you want to use! I suggest using about 4.
    8. The final step is to import all your videos and screenshots into your editing software. 
    9. I use inshot as its really easy to navigate. Put your video with its screenshot after it and cut the video at the exact point where you took the screenshot. Make the album image about 1sec long and give it a solid background.
    10. Then you just need to export it and upload to instagram or tik tok! 
    11. The song you need to use with it is - Hiipower x DIAND

That it super simple! 

Check out mine below! 




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