Michael Eloff

Michael is a lifestyle and travel photographer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is an avid trail runner and adventurer and loves heading to the mountains. 

He loves shooting landscapes, time-lapses and portraits when he travels. Together with Carlinn he creates content for adventure brands, tourism boards and hotels.

He has an engaged following on instagram and facebook and also does influencer campaigns that fit in with his niche. 

If you don't find him in the mountains then he will definitely be on a palm tree lined beach somewhere in the world!


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Carlinn Meyer

Carlinn is a travel and lifestyle content creator and influencer based in Cape Town, South Africa. She has been playing the social game since 2009 and has a reach of over 2 million per month.

She loves traveling, experiencing new cultures and creating dreamy images for clients as well as her own social. She has shot content for numerous brands and hotels and love the challenges of creating new fresh images. 

Carlinn loves heading to islands and hiking to epic locations and will go above and beyond to shoot the perfect image.


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Both Carlinn and Mike are Sony Alpha Middle East, Africa ambassadors and have worked with major brands, hotels and tourism boards across the globe.