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Earlier this year we did a collaboration with Mauritius tourism for South Africa and Club Med to create some content for their social pages.

We always love seeing the content be used online and recently a sponsored post for Club Med starting popping up on social with one of our images we supplied to them. 

Our brief for Club Med was to create a certain amount of images showing off the romantic side of the resort and highlighting key areas like the beautiful adults only Zen pool.

Club med definitely has a certain look and feel when it comes to their images most often going for the less is more approach. Their image space isnt taken up with a lot of "things" which makes it great to use for ads like the one above where they used our image.
It might seem like a simple enough image to shoot but here are some things you need to take into account.
  • We are shooting alone just the two of us so we need to set up our tripod and camera on an interval timer to get the shot.
  • Playing with angles isn't as easy when working with a tripod, we even had to put the tripod in the pool for some shots!
  • You need to beat the crowds. We need to work around guests so they still have the best time which isn't always easy. We usually start shooting at sunrise as it can be mistaken for sunset and they light is really good. The problem with resorts is people start putting dow towels as early as first light which can mess up your shots so creativity is key.
  • It might seem ultra embarrassing to set up a tripod when where are people around but as long as you aren't disturbing guest its just part of the job and essentially why you are there.
  • Don't be shy to ask the staff to help out. We needed all the umbrellas up by sunrise so we asked the staff the day before if it could be arranged. We actually go there early and started doing it ourselves but the staff finished it off so we could start shooting.

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