Our most frequently asked question across social platforms is "What gear do you shoot with"? So we've dedicated this page to giving credit to the tools we use to create the content we shoot.

As Sony Alpha Ambassadors, we shoot on some of the finest camera bodies and lenses out there ranging from the Sony ZV-E10 all the way up to our Sony Alpha 7Siii and some beautiful glass to compliment it all.

Here is a list of our Gear:

Sony Alpha 7Riv

Our Sony A7Riv is our go-to camera for all the still images we shoot. We do occasionally use it for video as our 2nd camera, but it’s predominantly used for still images and time-lapses. 

Sony Alpha 7Siii

If we are shooting video for clients, we are shooting on the Sony A7Siii. This camera is absolutely incredible and capable of shooting in extremely low light conditions. 

Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 GM OSSii

This is probably one of the dreamiest lenses we use from beauty shots to wildlife video and it’s lightweight enough to carry up and down mountains, no matter the height or distance. 

Sony 16-35mm f/2.8 GM

As Mike says “Wide Why Not”. We use this lens for all our wide shots and all those astro time-lapses you see Mike posting. It handles the dark South African skies at night with ease. We also use this lens for a lot of our travel and lifestyle content.

NISI Filters

We use a variety of NiSi Filters, from ND to CPL to make sure we’re always shooting video at the correct speed and making mountains pop with the CPL.

  • ND Vario 1-5 Stop 
  • ND Vario 5-9 Stop
  • Pro Nano Natural CPL
  • Adapter Ring (77mm- 82mm) - “This fits onto the 70-200mm so we can use our 82mm Filters on both lenses”

Sony ZV-E10

Our ZV-E10 is used a lot as a 3rd camera for high quality IG Stories on Press Trips (rather than using our phones) and Mike uses it every time he goes up the mountain and any other opportunity he gets to shoot time-lapses on it. It mostly has the 16-50mm lens on it, but if we want, we can use our other lenses when needs be. 

Sony ZV-1

If Mike is running in the mountains or Carlinn is looking to have a lightweight camera to shoot vlogging style video on, you’ll generally find the ZV-1 in their bags. 

Sony RX100vii

This is one of our O.G. cameras from Sony and we still use it from time to time for its incredible zoom and sharp images.

DJI Mini 3 Pro

Sometimes that angle from the sky is really cool and with some of the fun features the DJI Mini 3 Pro offers, it’s ULTRA lightweight perfect for our aerial needs. 

DJI Ronin S2 Pro

 For all our client shoots and even sometimes for our own content, we whip out the gimbal for all those buttery smooth shots both horizontal and vertical. 

GoPro HERO10

Our Sony gear doesn’t enjoy swimming as much as we do, so anything underwater is probably shot on the GoPro, until Mike can get his hands on some housings for the Sony gear. 

Leofoto Tripods & Ballhead

We shoot on 2 Leofoto Tripods and ballheads. One is for hikes as it is lightweight enough to strap onto Mike’s F-Stop Bag and haul up and down mountains, the other is heavy enough to keep our cameras stable and secure in some of the windy conditions we sometimes need to shoot in. 

F-Stop Bags

We use the 37L AJNA which believe it or not, is big enough for ALL the above gear and more! More bags being added to the collection soon, watch this space. 

"By no means does a high-end camera make a person a great photographer, but more the photographer who makes the camera great" ~ Unknown

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